Our motto : « for a reasoned and shared progress ».
The Campus offers a wide-ranging curriculum. Ranging from CAP to higher education degrees, the curriculum emphasis is on establishing a strong school-business partnership.

The participating companies are diversified (energy supply, steel industry, chemistry, pharmacy, food-processing industry, logistics…) as the Campus deals with ‘hazardous environments issues’.

Working in hazardous environments implies carrying out industrial tasks while enforcing safety and environmental standards at the same time.

The Campus is organized around 3 major principles :

  • Defining and assessing any hazardous environments
  • Understanding, identifying and using industrial procedures within hazardous working areas
  • Operating safely to prevent workplace hazards

The main focus area concerns various tasks such as nuclear decomissioning, and more generally, the sustainable enhancement and protection of industrial plants and equipments, which makes for a good sustainable industry awareness-raising policy.

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